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The Neverending Story

Remember this one? I was in high school when the first movie came out. Didn’t get to see it (‘though I wanted to) until one local tv station featured it on a weekend movie night screening – years after.

A few years back after musing over with much admiration the Princess Bride ambigram, I wondered if a similar one had been done for The Neverending Story, having remembered th Auryn symbol. After a so-and-so search for an ambigram image for TNS and having found none, I decided to do this fan art because it seemed like a logical and natural word/phrase to be made into one – a rotational or a chain even.

So please turn your mobile phones off, butter your popcorn and enjoy the following feature presentation.

As usual, I started with the letter correlation, a bit of sketching which seemed fairly simple with these words. Then off to digitizing.

 As I do much of the actual ambigramming digitally with a vector program, there is where the problem/solution(s) happen. I started out creating a variety of swills and bars for the stems, arms and bars, looking for a fitting style. The tough part I thought while doing this was deciding if the “v” looked convincing enough to be a “g” when inverted – to which I had to make a couple of changes. While nearly finished with the words I decided to re-do the “y” as it looked, to me, more like an “r”. I added the Auryn symbol which I previously traced from the original image and kept it as plain as possible..

The end result was ok, but it felt……. incomplete, for some reason. Staring at it I thought having the words go around the Auryn symbol would be more well-rounded, conceptually. So I created a circular baseline with guides and individually repositioned each glyph along the path. This was more difficult than a horizontal rotational as each glyph on the top arch had to have their bases more contracted (condensed) than their ascenders while the glyphs on the bottom arch had it the other way. It’s like doing it from scratch.

Looking at the final work I didn’t like the way the “s” looked, it seemed weird. So I reworked it using already predrawn letterforms and re-set the type. I made another tweak by skewing the word/phrase to make it appear italicized – this will add to the swishing illusion of the “s”. And then again, off to re-do the rotational chain.

the neverending story ambigram

For now I’m pretty much content with how both designs look but by no means these will be their final versions.

I hope this take on the word/phrase got you inspired to get going with your own creation. Thank you very much for coming over and I hope you enjoyed the show. Stay tuned for the next feature.

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On my first blog, near the very end, it says:
All images appearing here in this article are copyright protected and owned by Dan Adona Jr.

where it should have said
All images appearing here in this article are copyright protected and owned by Dan Adona Jr. except “Bian Lian” created for and owned by Dan Chan.
Apologies for the apparently deleted attribution.
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Stay tuned for more design work out next week.