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What’s In A Name? 2nd edition

Today my younger sibling gets a year wiser (weh… ‘di nga?). So this post is dedicated to her. This is her anne-bigram.

anne by danadonajr

My original intention was to create a stacked reflective ambigram using her full name. Anna on top of Maria all over Adona.  But somehow this sketch was left on the bottom of the pile of my to-do list so I had to do a quick one with her preferred nickname.


The ambigram on top was created with CorelDRAW using the ever trusty type: Blackletter. You really can’t do wrong with Blackletters when doing ambigrams. Add a couple of decorative floral patterns and Voila! A simple name ambigram to give your sister as gift on her birthday!

Have a nice weekend and do check back in.

What’s In A Name?

Name, name, name, name, name, name. And incase you did not get it… this feature is all about names.

When I first started doing ambigrams – names were (and still are!) my favorite test cases. I tried out as much name as I could. There is a certain high when friend go crazy after seeing their names spelled-out on both ends of a paper. And even a greater high when you’ve realized that the solution to the puzzle was staring you right in your face! And I will admit that one of the reason I seriously considered learning this craft: is to impress my wife 😉 hehehe….. who until now won’t admit to it! But she got me to do her co-workers’ names and carve them out on rubber stamps as Christmas gifts a couple of years back.

Looking back, I can see how “trying” I was to copy John Langdon’s  lettering style in Angels and Demons. I do think Blackletter is one of “safest” type style in creating ambigrams, and it shows in a lot of my work. But once in a while I do get a chance to create out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, back to name ambigrams… I am reluctantly pleased to present some of my earlier name ambigram work, read: earlier… yes some may be hideously crafted so I’ll take it like a man if you so wish to critique harshly.

The name in the middle is Maxi, that’s for my wife… (back when I did this I was having trouble placing the “e” of Maxie so I went for a cop out). I don’t know why I opted to make things more difficult by styling the “m” shoulder that way when I could have simplified it which undoubtedly won’t affect the “xi” thus making it more legible. Rookie mistake. The “o-e” of Bosep was what actually made me realize how I could solve the “o-e” of “The Witching Hour” when I was creating it.

Here, I’m slowly finding a balance with style and legibility, but still made mistakes like making the “s” in Shiela stockier than the other glyphs, making it seem it’s a different font. (Yes, the girl’s name has her e and i swapped places.) The “L” in Lilian looked more like a “z”.

Here’s a stab at a symbiotogram with my name and my wife’s.

I don’t like how the “M” of MiguelAntonio came out on the first set, but I find it more pleasant than the second.

and finally, the Pièce de résistance. I created this one to do right by my wife after copping out with the “e” thing. Apparently she liked it so much she used this as her fb cover photo. So I gifted her with a shirt with this design on it.

And what’s this exercise all about? Well everyone oftentimes become too eager (probably because of the rush we get in creating such pieces) and not see minute mistakes which could very well spell the difference in making the ambigram a failure or a success. I revisit my previous works a lot to try out new formulae and approach and find fault where I could, because I believe no design is truly ever “final”. But more than that I just love doing ambigrams.

In the sequel to this piece, yes there is a sequel of course – I have a few more in my hard drive, what you’ll get are more refined name pieces. That’s a promise.

Have a nice midweek!