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Welcome my first post of the year!ambigram by danadonajr

This ambigram is supposed to be sent in as a competition piece for this contest in, a new ambigram dedicated website. “Supposed to be sent in” because I totally forgot to. Hehe.

Anyway, I created this piece around the same time I created the other “villains” pieces in 2013, that I then submitted to a competition in So yeah, this is an old one. I submitted four in total wherein I had to choose between sending in “SITH” or this one. I decided to send in “SITH” as my fourth entry and this was left in the “to be revisited” pile. I thought it didn’t look vile enough.

(The other entry to that Villains Challenge was posted late last year with the title “chapter 52, page 624”, if you’re interested. Also I might post the other two entries some other time.)

While excited to see the outcome of this new hosted competition, I initially had to regretfully tell Kai Hammond, of, that I might not be able to join in the fun. Work stuff. But then, going over some of my files for leftover glyphs and symbols for an unrelated project – I saw the ambigram file again and it fit the theme of the new competition. I took it out of “the pile” and dusted it off and as I said above, totally forgot to send it in before deadline.

So I thought I should just post the piece here instead. It’s called ALIENS. just in case it’s not as legible as I thought it to be . 😉 And here’s a radially zoomed in version.

ambigram by danadonajr

The original sketch design, I remember (I wanted to post it here but I cannot find it anywhere), form these glyphs like long alien fingers with suction cup-like ends, at least that’s what I was going for. But thought it looked more like a blob of nasal excretion so I tried out other letter forms in CorelDraw from scratch.

And before finally deciding to put 12 different crop circle-ish glyphs around the finished ambigram, I had initially thought to layer in various alien-ish characters on top or below it but scrapped it because I felt it might be too distracting.

And there you have it, my first 2016 ambigram post. Be sure to check back in a couple of days as I’ll be posting a newly finished piece in time for Valentines. Well I did not create it for Valentines exactly but thematically (is that a word?) it fits!

Thanks for stopping by!

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