4 responses to “stopandgo”

  1. Vasileios Stergioudis says :

    Great Dan! As always… 🙂

    The gif rises it up! It would be great for a traffic light, wouldn’t it? 🙂 Think of having only one surface with many leds on its back which would light on and off to form Stop n’ Go!

    Waaaay to Go! 🙂 Or stop?

    • imagefoundry says :

      thanks bah!

      hahaha!… i know right… at first i had thought it’d be a pretty confusing (and useless) street sign (before i did the gif version) as motorists wouldn’t know whether to go or stop? and now that it emulates a traffic light… there would even be MORE confusion… especially when it blinks this fast! 😉

      thanks for dropping in…

      have you submitted an entry over at nikita’s? i love your entry on the first challenge, very nice!


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